Jobs Hub

Access to job board and hiring data from across the web

Jobs Hub tracks thousands of job boards to keep an eye out for targeted job listings that meet your criteria. We can save you hundreds of hours of searching for and archiving job listings with private access to your own jobs data feed.

What is Jobs Hub?

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Why Jobs Hub?

Recruiters, salespeople, researchers, and entrepreneurs are using our data to enrich leads and build innovative new products.

Market Research

Learn about the job market in your area, find trends before your competition, and keep an eye on who’s hiring today.

Employer Hiring Data

See which employers are actively hiring and making moves in your area or across the country.

Job Board Backfill

Fill your new job board with fresh, high-quality job listings from thousands of job sites.

How does Jobs Hub work?

1. Targeted job searches

You give us the job search terms and locations you want to monitor.

2. Variable collection frequency

We crawl the internet, looking for the latest jobs that meet your search criteria.

3. Rich data feed, dashboard, and CSV

All your job listings are indexed and stored for you. You can access them from:

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