Jobs Hub


For the past three years, JobApis has been primarily focused on building open source software surrounding job boards and accessing job board data. We’ve gotten to work on a lot of interesting projects, and made some exciting contributions to the open source community.

After fielding hundreds of questions via email and Github, we’ve started to notice some trends. The most striking was that a number of non-developers were finding our code and then contacting us to ask for custom implementations or recommendations for developers who could help them build something with our open source tools.

At this point, supporting every user with one-on-one help isn’t possible, but this week we’re announcing the release of our first software as a service product for developers and non-developers who want to use job board data in their next venture:

What is Jobs Hub?

Jobs Hub is a tool that collects job listings and associated data from job boards and aggregators around the internet. You can read more on the product’s page, but with it, you can do things like:

  • Monitor the web for new jobs matching specific search criteria and locations
  • Build niche job board backfill
  • Create custom job search services for clients or customers

Let’s say you want to keep up with all the companies hiring Ruby Developers in Chicago, IL. Jobs Hub will pull in all the listings it can find every day and allow you to search them in real-time as they’re available via our simple JSON API.

Jobs Hub builds on the open source technology that we support, so while we still encourage developers to build tools of their own, Jobs Hub will save them a lot of time.

More use cases and demos of Jobs Hub will be coming soon, but if you’d like to learn more or get a quote, contact Karl at [email protected] with some information about your project.