IEEE JobSite Client Released


The IEEE is a professional engineering organization with the largest membership of any technical organization in the world. Their job board is mostly geared towards engineers, especially computer and electrical engineers, but a variety of career paths may be represented. Unfortunately, their API is not documented, but can be accessed by appending &format=json to most search queries on the site.

Based on this knowledge and some testing I was able to create a job board API client for IEEE’s JobSite and it is now the 18th job board API client supported by our organization.

To start using the IEEE job board API client, install the package via composer:

Next, create a Query object:

$query = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Queries\IeeeQuery([
'keyword' => 'engineering',
'location' => 'Chicago, IL',
'rows' => '50',

For a full list of supported query options, see this file.

And inject it into the IeeeProvider:

$client = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Provider\IeeeProvider($query);
$jobs = $client->getJobs();

This will return a Collection of Job objects.

For more detailed usage and documentation, see this project’s readme, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.