Making job board and company data more accessible.

What's this?

A few years ago I started working on a website to help entry level job
seekers find employment. In doing so, I discovered that job board data
was hard to find and job board APIs weren’t in any way standardized.

This prompted me to start an open source project to help developers access
job board APIs
and now, a year later, I’ve decided to double down on that effort. As such,
this site will be the new home for my job board standardization project
as well as other related open source projects.

So what is JobApis?

JobApis is all about helping you access job board and company data faster
and more easily. On this site, I’ll post updates to the job board API clients
that Steven Maguire and I first released in 2015,
helpful “how-tos” for developers hoping to use the projects, and any other
updates that seem relevant to this audience.

JobApis is currently just me, but it’s open to the community. If you want
to get involved by contributing to one of our open source projects or
whatever else, contact me.

Who am I?

My name is Karl and I’m a software engineer with a soft spot for PHP.
I live in the Chicago area and am currently in charge of our engineering
efforts at The Graide Network.

My website - Twitter